Social responsibility
  • The life quality improvement in the regions where the group has a presence is the underlying focus of OSTCHEM social strategy

  • OSTCHEM principal social initiatives are targeted on realization of infrastructure developing projects and creation of the most comfortable conditions for the employees’ professional growth. Besides, group renders its extensive support to cultural, sport, educational and scientific events held in the regions where OSTCHEM plants operate.

  • Investment for social projects

  • 28,468 UAH million

    111,603 UAH million

    91,956 UAH million

    2011 year

    2012 year

    2013 year

  • Education and science

    The specialized chemistry education support is OSTCHEM contribution to the chemical industry development.

  • Support of pupils’ participation in All-Ukrainian chemical Olympiads and International Mendeleev Olympiads.

    «Chemistry Teacher of the Year» Contest foundation in 2015.

    Employees’ and young chemicals specialists training and professional development.

    Establishment of the Educational Center licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on base of PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association».


    Cultural centers building and major regional events organization are key aspects of OSTCHEM long-term regional development program «Save your city».

  • PJSC «Stirol» invested

    UAH 50 million

    in the Horlivka Cultural Centre reconstruction.

    PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy) spent

    UAH 60 million

    in the «Druzhba Narodov» Cultural Centre and its surroundings renovation.


    Public transport renovation and roads reconstruction is the core of the social infrastructure development and accomplishment rising in the cities where OSTCHEM has a presence.

  • 10 trolleybuses

    were purchased by «Azot» for Severodonetsk city

    UAH 17 million

    were funded to Municipal Trolleybus Department by PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association»

    25 000 square meters

    of public roads were reconstructed on the means allocated by PJSC "Rivneazot" and PJSC "Concern Stirol" 


    Free access to medical facilities and services of the highest quality is the outcome of OSTCHEM activities aimed at modern health care centers establishment.

  • UAH 8 million

    was invested by PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy) on foundation of the Rehabilitation Center for children suffering from CNS diseases.

    UAH 6 million

    was spent by PJSC «Concern Stirol» on the construction of the Industrial Hospital equipped with advanced diagnostics facilities.


    Happy and healthy children are the essential prerequisite of successful future of the country.

  • UAH4,4 million

    was allocated to playgrounds’ arrangement.

    Thousands of OSTCHEM employees’ children recover their health in the corporate sanatoriums and resorts.


    Support of sport clubs and section, construction of new athletic facilities, stadiums and grounds are among OSTCHEM key initiatives aimed at healthy life style popularization. 

  • Support of mini football team 
    «Stirol-Children’s and Youth Sports School No.2»

    General partner of FC

      «Dynamo Kyiv»