• OSTCHEM sponsorship programs are mostly focused on the chemical science, agriculture and sports development


  • Scientific and educational programs realization is the priority of the group’s strategic approach to the sponsorship. OSTCHEM engages young professionals in the Ukrainian chemical business by supporting the specialized education and providing talented youth with new opportunities.

  • Chemical Olympiads

    Within the sponsorship initiatives OSTCHEM has financed pupils’ training and participation in International Chemical Olympiads since 2011. The cooperation resulted in 70 medals won by the scholars who participated in Mendeleev Chemical Olympiads.

  • Since 2011 OSTCHEM has supported All-Ukrainian and International Chemical Olympiads

    Group provides pupils with reagents and modern equipment

    OSTCHEM finances scholars’ participation in the international contests

  • According to the results of the 44th International Chemical Olympiad of high school students in USA, the Ukrainian team ranked among the top ten strongest teams. Moreover, the national team consisting of 8 pupils of 10th -11th  classes obtained 2 golden, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals at the 47th International Mendeleev Chemical Olympiad in Uzbekistan.

  • Chemistry Teacher

    Supporting the chemical industry at all levels and striving to popularize the specialized chemical education OSTCHEM initiated and sponsored the Ukraine-wide contest «The best Chemistry Teacher of the Year».

    Supporting teachers’ participation on the international stage of the contest, providing school laboratories with equipment and awarding best educator OSTCHEM renders its comprehensive assistance to teachers in their intention to improve professional competence.

  • Research and invention laboratory

    In line with sponsorship initiatives OSTCHEM motivates schoolchildren to develop inventions and investigation in chemistry. To prove that science can be exiting we support research laboratory established within the framework of innovation and educational project for children and teenagers «Arsenal of Ideas».


  • OSTCHEM sponsorship projects in agricultural sector are focused on the profound implementation of the complex program «Intelligent Management of Growth Processes» aimed at innovative product and services development. Having integrated leading chemists’ research results and agrarians’ practical experience we are going to build the most effective land cultivation models.

  • Innovative products development

    We constantly collaborate with science institutions and best agronomist in order to establish efficient technological facilities and create new types of fertilizers raising land productivity and reducing impact on the soil.

  • Scientific and practical activity

    Starting from 2011 OSTCHEM has been the permanent sponsor of Ukrainian Agrichemical Forum considered the most significant event in the CIS fertilizer market.

    In 2014 the group initiated the regional seminars «Four Seasons» with a view to create a communication platform to share experience and information concerning innovative products, market trends and new technologies. Moreover, all participants may obtain the professional consultations and advises form experienced industry specialists.


  • OSTCHEM focuses on professional and amateur sports support and healthy lifestyle popularization.

  • «Stirol-Children’s and Youth Sports School No.2»

    Concern maintains the mini-football team «Stirol-Children’s and Youth Sports School No.2». The team is the multiple winner of the Ukrainian Indoor Soccer Cup, the champion of Ukraine, the champion of CIS (2012), winner of the International tournament cup in Salou (Spain) 2012.

  • Football Club «Dynamo» (Kyiv)

    Since 2013 OSTCHEM has been the general partner of Football Club «Dynamo» (Kyiv). General partnership with the legendary football club is the matter of pride for the group.

  • Foto: http://www.fcdynamo.kiev.ua