PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy)
  • PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy) is a modern and the most dynamically developing industrial enterprise in Ukraine

  • PJSC «Azot» produced its first liquid ammonia in March, 1965. Today this enterprise is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of ammonium nitrate and the only producer of caprolactam. PJSC «AZOT» joined OSTCHEM in 2011.

    Being the Cherkasy major city contributor, PJSC «AZOT» systematically develops and strengthens social partnership with the town and the region. The enterprise invests a considerable funds in the city streets and squares renovation as well as in the regional health care, cultural and educational centers modernization every year.

    PJSC «Azot» is open to innovative projects as in production sector as in the regional development and environment protection. The biological treatment facilities on the Dnieper River provided by PJSC «AZOT» are the essential feature of the modern chemical complex.

  • 1 million tonnes

    of ammonium nitrate are produced per year. It is the highest rate in Ukraine

    UAH 5,7 billion

    products sale in 2014 

    UAH 297 million

    were invested in environmental projects in 2011-2014

    4500 people

    are employed at the enterprise

  • The key focus of the enterprise’s further development is new technology adoption, cost-effectiveness raising and energy efficiency increasing on operating production units.

    In May, 2005 PJSC «Azot» (Cherkasy) received the certificate of Quality Management System compliance with the requirements ISO 9001. In 2006 the enterprise obtained the OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards certificates.

  • Main production capacities

    Weak nitric acid

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Granular ammonium nitrate


    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Liquid ammonia

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Urea prilled

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN)

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Aqueous ammonia

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Crystalline ammonium sulfate

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Liquid caprolactam

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Crystalline caprolactam

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Liquefied carbon dioxide

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Cationite (ion-exchange resins)

    ‘000 tonnes per year

  • Main Products

  • Nitrogen fertilizers

    Item Standard
    Aqueous ammonia technical
    GOST 9-92
    Liquid ammonia technical
    GOST 6221-90
    Ammonium nitrate
    DSTU 7370:2013
    Urea, a by-product of urea
    TU U 24.1-00203826-018:2009
    (DSTU 7312:2013)
    DSTU 7312:2013
    Ammonium nitrate, a by-product of ammonium nitrate
    TU U 24.1-00203826-041:2009
    Ammonium sulfate
    GOST 9097-82
    Ammonium sulfate fertilizer, a by-product of ammonium sulfate
    TU U 24.1-00203826-043:2011
    Liquid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN)
    TU U 24.1-00203826.024-2002
  • Organic production

    Item Standard
    Aqueous hydroxylamine sulfate
    TU U 00203826.019-99
    Crystalline caprolactam GOST 7850-86
    Caprolactam liquid
    GOST 7850-86
    POD oil TU U 20.1-33270581-023:2012
    Spirit fraction of caprolactam production
    TU U 24.3-00203826-033:2005
    Cyclohexane technical GOST 14198-78
    Cyclohexanone technical
    GOST 24615-81
  • Gases

    Item Standard
    Nitrogen gaseous
    DSTU GOST 9293:2009
    Nitrogen liquid
    DSTU GOST 9293:2009
    Liquefied carbon dioxide
    DSTU 4817:2007
    Oxygen gaseous technical
    DSTU GOST 5583:2009
    Oxygen liquid technical
    GOST 6331-78
  • Acids

    Item Standard
    Non concentrated (weak) nitric acid
    TU U 00203826.021-2000
  • Other products

    Item Standard
    Melt of sodium carbonate
    TU U 20.1-00203826-044:2013
  • Polymers and polymer products

    Item Standard
    Ion-exchange resins – anionites: Grade AB-17-8
    GOST 20301-74
    Ion-exchange resins. Strongly acidic cation exchangers:
    Grade KU-2-8
    GOST 20298-74, TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-8 Na
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-8 Na schS (AQUACATION)
    TU U 24.1-00203826-040:2009
    Grade KU-2-8 Na chS (AQUACATION)
    TU U 24.1-00203826-040:2009
    Grade KU-2-8 Кr
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-8 chS
    GOST 20298-74
    Grade KU-2-8 chS (AQUACATION)
    TU U 24.1-00203826-040:2009
    Grade KU-2-8 Кr Na
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-6
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-6 Na
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-4
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-4 Na
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-10
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-10 Na
    TU U 24.1-00203826-042:2009
    Grade KU-2-20
    GOST 20298-74
    Grade KU-23-10/60
    GOST 20298-74
    Grade KU-23-15/100
    GOST 20298-74
    Grade KU-23-30/100
    GOST 20298-74
    Copolymer of styrene and 8% divinylbenzene, coarse fraction
    TU U 24.1-00203826-028-2003