PJSC «Concern Stirol»
  • PJSC «Concern Stirol» is the oldest plant of the chemical industry in Ukraine

  • PJSC «Concern Stirol» was founded in 1933. In the former USSR the plant was the first to produce synthetic ammonia from coke gas. Since 2010 the concern has been rapidly growing within OSTCHEM group consolidating the largest chemical enterprises. Today «Concern Stirol» is the major ammonia and urea producer and the only polystyrene manufacturer in Ukraine.

    The priority goals set for the concern’s Management are the employees’ life quality improvement, comfortable and save workplaces creation, personnel professional development and young specialists involving in the chemical industry. Being the city-forming enterprise, PJSC «Concern Stirol» supports the foundation of medical facilities with up-to-date diagnostics equipment as well as reconstruction of cultural centers and holding sports events.

  • 1%

    of the nitrogen fertilizers global production

    UAH 6,5 billion

    products sale in 2012


    of the fixed emissions norms

    4500 people

    are employed at the enterprise

  • In 2002 PJSC «Concern Stirol» was the first in Ukraine to receive the ISO 14001 certificate confirming that all the production processes comply with international standards. The products of the concern are successfully exported to over 60 countries around the globe.

  • Main production capacities


    ‘000 tonnes per year


    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Ammonium nitrate

    ‘000 tonnes per year


    ‘000 tonnes per year

  • Main Products

  • Nitrogen fertilizers

    Item Standard
    Ammonium nitrate
    DSTU 7370:2013
    Liquid ammonia technical (anhydrous ammonia)
    GOST 6221-90
    Urea granulated
    TU U 24.1-05761614-060:2007
    DSTU 7312:2013
    Liquid nitrogen fertilizers (UAN)
    TU U 24.1-00203826.024-2002
  • Other products

    Item Standard
    Technical sodium nitrate which does not cake
    TU U 24.1-05761614-015:2011
    Technical sodium nitrite
    GOST 19906-74
    Sodium nitrite with anti-caking agent
    TU U 05761614.014-98
    Sodium nitrate technical
    GOST 828-77
    Sodium nitrite reagents (food grade)
    GOST 4197-74
  • Organic production

    Item Standard
    Urea-formaldehyde resin "Kafomid"
    TU U 24.1-05761614.044-2002
    Urea-formaldehyde resin KFS
    TU U 24.1-05761614-006-2007
  • Polymers and polymer products

    Item Standard
    Products made of polystyrene for packing food
    TU U 14338211.001-95
    Foamed polystyrene products for fixed timbering
    ТU U V 2.7-25.2-31615086-004:2006
    Foamed polystyrene plates
    DSTU B V.2.7-8-94
    Expandable polystyrene
    TU U 24.1-05761614-017:2008
    General purpose polystyrene
    GOST 20282-86
    General purpose polystyrene
    TU U 24.1-05761614.058-2004
    High-impact polystyrene   
    TU U 24.1-05761614-65:2010