PJSC «Rivneazot»
  • PJSC «Rivneazot» is the leading nitrogen fertilizer producer in Western Ukraine.

  • In March, 1969 Rivne Mineral Fertilizers Plant was put into operation and by now it has become one of the leading industrial enterprises in the region. PJSC «Rivneazot» is the only calcium-ammonium nitrate manufacturer and one of the leaders in adipic acid production in Ukraine. The plant joined OSTCHEM in 2011.


    PJSC «Rivneazot» is the city forming enterprise that focuses on the regional welfare improvement. The plant has initiated a number of long–term programs aimed to develop social infrastructure through the transportation system modernization, medical facilities quality improvement, schools and preschool institutions support as well as environmental safety ensuring. The PJSC «Rivneazot» priority is the implementation of the projects targeted at operating units efficiency upgrading, equipment modernization and permanent product quality improvement.

  • 100%

    leading calcium ammonium nitrate producer in Ukraine

    40 countries-importers

    around the globe

    UAH 2,6 billion

    products sale in 2014    

    4000 people

    are employed at the enterprise

  • PJSC «Rivneazot» has developed and implemented the quality management system which covers all stages of the product life cycle — from control of each stage of production processes to service and customer support. Due to the strict observance of the quality standards and technical regulations, the products of PJSC «Rivneazot» are recognized on the global market. A number of the plant products won various prestigious Ukrainian and international awards such as «The Best Domestic Product» (Ukraine), «Ukraine’s 100 Best Products», «Product Technology and Quality Award» (Germany), «The Trademark Award» (Italy).

  • Main production capacities

    Liquid ammonia

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Ammonium nitrate granulated

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN)

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Adipic acid

    ‘000 tonnes per year

  • Main Products

  • Nitrogen fertilizers

    Item Standard
    Aqueous ammonia technical GOST 9-92
    Liquid ammonia technical GOST 6221-90
    Ammonium nitrate
    Calcium-ammonium nitrate (CAN)
    TU U 24.1-05607824-041-2004
    Fertilizer mixture «Rovno-NPK»
    TU U 24.1-05607824-044-2007
  • Organic production

    Item Standard
    Cyclohexanol distillation residue (CDR) ТU UA 24.1-05607824-052:2010
    Cyclohexanone light fraction (CLF) ТU UA 24.1-05607824-051:2010
    Cyclohexanone technical GOST 24615-81
  • Gases

    Item Standard
    Nitrogen liquid
    DSTU GOST 9293:2009
    Liquefied carbon dioxide
    DSTU 4817:2007
    Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)
    GOST 12162-77
    Oxygen gaseous technical
    DSTU GOST 5583:2009
  • Acids

    Item Standard
    Adipic acid GOST 10558-80
    Low dicarboxylic acid (mixture)
    TU U 24.1-05607824-045:2007