PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association»
  • PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» is the largest chemical enterprise in Ukraine and Europe

  • In February, 1951 Lisichansk Chemical Plant was put into operation. Nowadays the enterprise is known as PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» which is the leader of the chemical industry of Ukraine. In 2011 the plant was included in OSTCHEM.

    PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» is the only enterprise in the group producing acetic acid, methanol and vinyl acetate. 

    Being the regional major employer PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» steadily increases spending on social programs contributing to the city’s welfare improvement. The major projects are aimed at public transport upgrades, cultural centers support and sport events arrangement. Furthermore, plants’ top management focuses on the employees’ professional development.

  • 100%

    leader of acetic acid, methanol and vinyl acetate production in Ukraine

    UAH 12,1 billion

    products sale in 2012-2014      

    129 countries-importers

    around the globe

    6700 people

    are employed at the enterprise

  • Since joining OSTCHEM PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» has considerably increased its annual investments to the production facilities modernization and fixed assets replacement. In addition, a number of environmental initiatives were launched. In 2009 the enterprise obtained internationally recognized certificate that confirms the compliance of the Quality Management System with ISO 9001 standards. It guarantees the production process conformity with all technical requirements. Due to realized projects PrJSC «Severodonetsk Azot Association» may be in good faith considered a European-type enterprise.

  • Main production capacities

    Liquid ammonia technical

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Ammonium nitrate

    ‘000 tonnes per year


    ‘000 tonnes per year


    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Acetic acid

    ‘000 tonnes per year

    Aqueous ammonia technical

    ‘000 tonnes per year

  • Main Products

  • Nitrogen fertilizers

    Item Standard
    Aqueous ammonia technical
    GOST 9-92
    Liquid ammonia technical
    GOST 6221-90
    Ammonium nitrate
    DSTU 7370:2013
    Ammonium nitrate (residue product of ammonium nitrate production)
    TU U 20.33270581-009:2014 
    Potassium nitrate technical
    GOST 19790-74
    Potassium nitrate technical with anticaking agent
    TU U 20.1-33270581-022:2014
    DSTU 7312:2013 
  • Organic production

    Item Standard
    Vinyl acetate
    TU U 20.1-33270581-011:2012
    POD oil
    TU U 20.1-33270581-023:2012
    Crude methanol
    TU 113-05-323-77
    Methanol technical
    DSTU 3057-95 (GOST 2222-95)
    De-icing agent AGR-1
    TU U 24.6-33270581-001:2011
    Formalin technical grade FM 
    GOST 1625-89
    Cyclohexane technical
    GOST 14198-78
    Cyclohexanone technical
    GOST 24615-81
  • Gases

    Item Standard
    Nitrogen gaseous
    DSTU GOST 9293:2009
    Nitrogen liquid
    DSTU GOST 9293:2009
    Argon gaseous and liquid GOST 10157-79
    Acetylene pyrolysis dissolved technical
    ТU U 20.1-33270581-037:2014
    Liquefied carbon dioxide
    DSTU 4817:2007
    Oxygen gaseous medical
    DSTU GOST 5583:2009
    Oxygen liquid technical
    GOST 6331-78
    Oxygen gaseous technical
    ТU U 20.1-33270581-021:2013
    Xenon-nitrogen mixture TU U 24.1-33270581-035:2009
  • Acids

    Item Standard
    Dicarboxylic acids C4-C6 TU U 24.1-33270581-003:2011
    Adipic acid GOST 7311:2013
    Adipic acid improved TU U 24.1-33270581-026:2008
    Non concentrated (weak) nitric acid TU U 24.1-33270581-005:2011
    Acetic acid synthetic
    GOST 19814-74
    Acetic acid synthetic food grade
    TU U 20.1-33270581-012:2013
  • Polymers and polymer products

    Item Standard
    Dispersion of polyvinyl acetate homopolymer
    TU U 24.1-33270581-020:2007
    Dispersion of vinyl acetate copolymers
    TU U 24.1-33270581-034:2009
    Polyvinyl acetate lacquer
    TU U 24.1-33270581-008:2006
    Polyethylene pasted bags with valves
    TU U 25.2-33270581-024:2008
    Polypropylene pasted bags with valves
    TU U 25.2-33270581-025:2008
    Urea-formaldehyde resin
    TU U 20.1-33270581-014.2012
    Urea-formaldehyde resin, low-toxic
    TU U 20.1-33270581-029:2013
    Polyvinyl alcohol
    GOST 10779-78
  • Other products

    Item Standard
    Sodium nitrate technical
    GOST 828-77
    Sodium nitrate technical treated with anticaking agent
    TU U 24.1-33270581-002:2011
    Plasticizers TU U 24.1-33270581-013:2007
    Ammonium carbonate
    GOST 9325-79
    Ammonium hydrocarbonate technical and food grade
    ТU U 20.1-33270581-036:2013